Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Yves Rocher - Yria, Another Killer Cheapy & A Reader's Giveaway

Once again I’m writing about an Yves Rocher scent in the context of ‘killer cheapy’. I really don’t know how this company continue to make a profit as they sell superb quality fragrances, full of natural botanical ingredients, all ethically sourced and produced without skanking anyone in a far off land.

And they smell great.

One of the 55 hectares of fields farmed by Yves Rocher in France

The curious thing is that when you sign up to their website and start ordering, you receive increasingly tempting emails with offers that you cannot ignore. The more you order, the better the offers become. A few days ago, I received an email telling me that I could have ANYTHING free if I spent £15 on other products. Predictably, I went straight on to the website and put one of my favourite Yves Rocher scents (the dry incense and resinous oriental - Voile D’ Ambre) into the web-basket (value £49) and then added £15 worth of toiletries to make up the order. I’m going to buy shower gel and body lotions anyway so this basically means I have a free bottle of very pleasing perfume. I already have a nearly full bottle so this one can live under the bed in the fume crèche until the inevitable discontinuation occurs as seems to happen frequently.

My mum has a kitchen cupboard that I call her ‘nuclear winter’ cupboard. This is stocked with an endless supply of cans of Ambrosia Devon Custard. The excessive amount of custard is due to the fact she bulk buys it when it’s on offer at Morrison’s. She consumes it with wild abandon. She is a custard tart.

Should a nuclear crisis occur in Manchester, I shall be perfuming the contaminated shower water supply with my abundant collection of Yves Rocher’s almond and lily of the valley scented delights until my limbs begin to drop off or I mutate into a zombie.

I’m waffling. It’s because I’m always a bit overwhelmed in the face of a massive scrimping bargain.

Yria is sumptuous oriental/chypre hybrid. Not, as Fragrantica have labeled it, a fruity floral. It has an eighties shoulder pad feeling in similarity to classics such as Dior’s Dune or Guerlain’s Samsara. 
Yria would suit Joan Collins, vamp queen of the shoulder pad

Most importantly for me, it has a defined structure that begins and ends with entirely different notes. As you will know by now, I’m a pyramid lover who grows terrifically bored of fragrances that smell the same all the way through their wear. This is how it journeys on my skin:

It opens with an opulent combination of coriander and bergamot. These notes usually read as sparkling, fresh and vibrant but in Yria they have an unusually ‘oozy’ quality with a surprising depth. Don’t expect to be enlivened by the first spray, this is the heady whiff of drowsily sensual perfumery. They sit upon a cushion of creamy white floral notes (particularly noticeable as a gardenia/jasmine duet). The rose and lily of the valley notes are however not really discernable. This white florality is balanced with yet more ooziness from a base of sandalwood, tonka bean, labdanum, patchouli and vanilla, which deliver a traditional heady oriental sensation. Towards the end of it’s (lengthy) wear it reduces to an authentic vanilla that thankfully doesn’t make your teeth ache with cloying sugar.

Grown up glamour

It’s a rather unique fragrance but it does share a slight similarity to both the original Dior Addict and to the much-missed Midnight Poison (minus the rosy aspect). Most certainly a ‘grown-up’ scent that is distinctly more adult vamp than flirtatious teenager.
I paid £15 for my 50 ml bottle, a reduction from the rrp of £30.

Yves Rocher shops abound in mainland Europe. Here in the UK, you’ll have to risk a blind buy to join in the perfume fun. Fortunately, if you take advantage of the offers, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t like it. And of course, there is always Ebay for the mistakes. Here are my recommendations:

I love:
  • Secret D’ Essences Voile D’Ambre - dry, powdery, incense and resins, marketed as feminine but easily unisex.
  • Cedre Bleu - now discontinued, fabulous fresh cedar cologne if you can find it online, vile plastic blue bottle.
  • Secret D’ Essences Neroli – bargainous - read my review by clicking here
  • Muguet En Fleurs (Lily of The Valley on the UK website) – more of an eau fraiche than a perfume, a striking resemblance to Diorissimo but with a much lighter touch. Short lived but very pretty and natural.

I’m less impressed by:
  • Comme Une Evidence – a sharp chypre that sells in enormous quantities in France, I find it rather sour.

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I am giving away samples from my bottles of Yria and Voile D’ Ambre for a lucky reader to try. Sadly, only in the UK due to our daft postal laws. To enter, please leave a comment below or at the facebook page with your thoughts on ‘killer cheapies’. Closing date 30th June 2014.


  1. I recieved the same offer and ordered Voile d'Ambre. It looks like we might have similar preferences regarding perfumes, so I hope I like it. I was tempted by Yria, but maybe next time. Oh, and last time I got 50ml bottle of Comme Une Evidence for free (kind of - I had to place an order for £10, which was easy), luckily they sent me a sample so I did not open the bottle. I didn't like it, I don't think it agrees with my chemistry, so the bottle will wait for one of my friend's birthday :)

  2. Hi Mikka,
    My own unloved 'free' Comme Une Evidence hasn't left me yet. I keep taking a little sniff as I quite like the green leafy aspect at the beginning. But then after not very long it turns rather sour and dissapointing.
    I would say that Yria is less 'indie' smelling than Voile D'Ambre. For me, Voile could rival the great musky/resinous souk-adelic scents and wouldn't feel out of place on the shelves of Les Senteurs or Jovoy. Yria is a kind of 'grand' femme. It seems to be more suited to the Dior counter in that it feels like a commercial masterpiece. I love it!

  3. I think Yves Rocher may take the biscuit in the killer cheapy stakes, though my all-time favourite is Jasper Conran Woman. Dita Von Teese scents are only about a tenner, so also worth a mention. I wish I had bought the spicy oriental one instead of the original which is like a sanitised Loulou. Though I do like it as well. Voile d'Ambre I didn't get on with - and used to own a bottle! - the coumarin bothered me in that one. Yria sounds impressive - can't decided it if it a bit scary, or likely to be my thing.

    Oh, I am that Ambrosia custard tart as well - also with rice pudding. And I have a Butterscotch Angel Delight in there for good measure.

    1. Ooh Vanessa, if you did not like the coumarin in Voile D' Ambre you probably won't like Yria - it's Tonka-tastic.

  4. This looks amazing I will definitely check out Yves Rocher. I have just moved back to London and sadly most of my collection is in the states unable to be shipped so their offers would be a perfect way to build my collection back up ^_^

    1. Ooh, I would also love to enter the sample draw, btw!