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On this page you'll find recommendations about shopping for all things perfume related. They are all either shops/services that I've had positive experiences with myself or those that trusted others have recommended to me. 

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Scent shops in the UK

Pulse Of Perfumery - Knutsford, Cheshire

Aromatherapy and perfume making supplies:

Plush Folly

Plush Folly sells a vast range of perfume making equipment and ingredients including: synthetics such as aldehydes and musks, perfumers alcohol and low priced glassware for your experiments or for decanting perfume. You can buy small 'amateur' sizes of everything such as multi sample packs of synthetics with a theme e.g. 'animalic'. They also run in house and home based learning courses with instruction on how to make perfume. 

Neat Wholesale

As the name would suggest, this website is aimed at professional aromatherapists but you can make a 'small order' with them. There are lots of essential oil companies around but Neat Wholesale do the biggest range of EOs and absolutes. You can buy 2.5 ml bottles (very small quantities) of really rare natural notes such as genuine Agmark Mysore sandalwood, champaca and oakmoss. 

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