Press And Publicity

For perfume houses:

Would you like to have your perfume featured on Odiferess? Here is some information about my publicity policy:

I am happy to receive samples and PR blurb from all makers of perfume and their PR companies. I love to smell everything by everybody. Please note that sending a sample does not guarantee that they will be written about. I write about fragrances that I feel are creatively or personally interesting or that have a good story behind them. I may choose to review them immediately or to save them for a future themed article. If they are not written about very quickly, don't worry, they might pop up in 6 months time.

I do not write negative reviews, after all, my opinion is subjective and it's not fair. If I think a perfume is unpleasant or boring I simply don't write about it.

Contact me at should you wish to be considered for a review. 

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