Sunday, 16 November 2014

On Perfume Promiscuity - The Great Solo Scent Adventure Part 2

Last week I announced the launch of ‘The Great Solo Scent Adventure’, a (potentially masochistic) experiment designed to see how we promiscuous perfume lovers fared when restricted to wearing just one scent over a period of three days and nights. This results post will make a lot more sense if you read the last post which you can do by clicking here.

The highly varied results of the adventure have returned and they are thoroughly intriguing. They are also enormous! So in this, part 2, I am featuring the entire questionnaire and results of Tresor, one of 8 perfume lovers who joined in and had a rather pleasing time during the adventure (apologies for the incorrect 'e' in Tresor's name, I'm having tech issues here). I will follow with part 3, a lengthy edit from the rest of us later this week. But for now, here's a positive outcome of the adventure:

The chosen one

How many different scents would you apply in an average week?

Oh my Goodness, that's really hard to say. I test something new on nearly a daily basis and tend to wear upwards of 3-5 fragrances in a day. Yikes! I'm a junkie, I know. Some weeks I do give my sniffer a break but that's not very often.

What factors influence your choice of scent, e.g. season, mood, time of day etc? And do specific genres appeal to you more than others within these factors?

I have a bit of a strange system to how I choose which fragrances I wear on any given day. I group fragrances based on narratives that fascinate me or pique my interest. Most recently I've curated a tray which I titled "Dionysus' Garden Party" with fragrances that contained aromas which mirrored those one might find in wine such as notes rich berries, sparkling citrus and oak and those of the garden like earthy rhizomes of the iris and soil accords. One thing I do enjoy on a daily basis is a tiny spray of a fleeting fragrance before I apply my makeup in the morning. It's a beautiful refreshment and quite a delightful way to start off the day. My choice is usually Guerlain's Apres L'Ondee, it's entirely vanished by the time I've finished my morning routine but how beautiful it is while it's around.

As for specific genres, I'm rather drawn to wicked brews which are brooding and powerfully animalic. I like a potion with some fangs. I also have a bit of a soft spot for fragrances based upon tuberose or honey.

Roughly how large is your collection of full bottles, decants and samples?

My collection of full bottles is fairly modest and heavily edited, only containing bottles of fragrances I absolutely adore and cannot live without. I do, however, have a significant quantity of decants and samples.

How do you feel about sticking to just one scent for 3 days and nights?

I'm really quite excited! I think that this experiment will not only act as a bit of a palette cleanser but also allow me to really appreciate all facets of the fragrance I choose to wear on this journey.

What scent did you choose for this adventure and why?

I chose "Aromatics Elixir" from Clinique, simply because of any fragrance it's my favourite. It's been with me through thick and thin, every season and every situation imaginable. It's the closest I've ever come to finding a "signature scent" which is really saying something considering my penchant for olfactory adultery.

How are you involved in the perfume world?

I am a regular contributor at Australian Perfume Junkies as well as Scent Trunk. I have an incredible passion for fragrance and beauty and I'm an absolute product junkie. Fragrance, to me, is an artform and transcends vanity. It allows us to manifest emotion and express ourselves in a way which is beyond words or aesthetic, it is an aura.


Monday: Today is a rather blustery day, it's exceedingly chilly and the snow that's fallen on the ground is now an unpleasant slush that forces me to wear my most unattractive shoes. Oh, the struggle! Aromatics Elixir has been like the warm embrace of an old friend. I honestly couldn't be happier to be within this extraordinary aura. I find it difficult to put my love for this fragrance into words, the thought of only wearing this for the coming days is an absolute comfort and I honestly couldn't be more pleased. The chill in the air seems to pull forward the murky patchouli in the base along with the blackened emerald of a moonlit forest blanketed in moss.

Tuesday: Today I've decided to go a bit rogue and apply the body cream (I hope that's not cheating!) And spray my sweater instead. The way Aromatics Elixir clings to cashmere is nothing short of orgasmic, I'm certain it will remain there for the next month. Here I am lost for words once more, the way this smells is simply beyond. Somehow the fabric illuminates a sweetness that is hidden deep within the labyrinth that is Aromatics Elixir. It's so lovely and I've already received a multitude of compliments from nearly everyone who I've drawn close. The lady working the till at the shop even commented and told me that I smelled beautiful. Always a winner, this one. This experiment is reigniting my love all over again.

Wednesday: Today is the final day and I'm actually a bit sad to see this experiment come to a close. Though I technically could still go on wearing this alone I am far too anxious to try some of the samples that arrived in the post this morning. I've gone heavy on the trigger and I am simply radioactive with the most bracing herbal symphony imaginable. I love the absolute density when you apply a fragrance with a heavy hand. It's opulent, excessive and I'd imagine it's positively noxious to everyone but me. This has been a wonderful experience for me, I've come to appreciate my most favourite perfume on an entirely new level and for that I am so grateful.

For more writing from Tresor, you can click here to read a most eloquent review of Guerlain's delicious rosy jam - Nahema.


  1. Interesting to read about Tresor's experience on the challenge - and her general perfume wearing MO. For the record, I tried to play along in sympathy, but cracked on Day 2. ;)

    1. Out of interest Vanessa, what did you choose for the attempt and why did you choose it?