Memoirs, Stories and Observations

On this page you will find links to memoirs, stories and observations and some articles that don't primarily focus on reviews, yet make commentary on the cultural significance of perfume or our own memories connected with scent. Click on the link to arrive at each post.

Guest writers are most welcome so please do get in touch via if you would like to contribute.

On the joy in bathing in classic vintage toiletries

On the harmonious joy of the chypre and 'easy listening' scents

On growing fatigue in the perfume scene

On the creation of a collection of perfume genre themed artworks

On my youthful adventures in London and an otherworldly scent by Ineke.

On growing a scented garden and what plants give a fullsome whiff

On scent as a motivator and how Estee Lauder is helping me to fight the flab

Some aromatherapy recipes for the horrors of the Autumn season

On the evocative nature of scent, Guest Writer - Clive Sax shares his memories

On the cost of perfume, do we have to pay a high price for a great scent?

On fragrant facial skin care, and some products that smell as lovely as your perfume

2014 - My year in Perfume, some moments of beauty in a saturated market

On perfume promiscuity - part 1, what happens when 6 perfume sluts stick to just one perfume for three days and nights?

On perfume promiscuity - part 2, a report from one of the adventurers, Tresor's story.

On perfume promiscuity - part 3, a report from one of the adventurers, Nancy's story (and an incredible tale of Hurricane Katrina).

On perfume promiscuity - part 4, an edit of the results from myself and several other participants.

On taste, what causes a shift from Ambre Sultan to Chanel No. 5?!

On booze, and why it's sometimes pleasing to smell like we've been drinking

A report on a perfume making day at 4160 Tuesdays, including a look at some classic chypres.

Ormonde Jayne, Ormonde Woman - The Witch's Brew
Some thoughts about witchcraft and the art of perfumery, including discussion of 'witchy' scents and influence of herbalism.

British Spirit in Perfumery - Is there are a recognisable spirit in our home grown perfume industry? A series of articles discussing: 
Part 1, Penhaligon's and the marketing of British heritage.
Part 2 , Floris and Grossmith and the concept of a 'royal' fragrance.
Part 3, Indie spirit, the rise of teeny niche lines with limited distribution.

3 Guest Writers - stories and poems inspired by scent

I am lucky to know a talented circle of women writers based in Lancaster who met whilst studying. After completing a Creative Writing A Level, they agreed to convene regularly to continue to set each other creative briefs and critique their resulting work. Some years later they remain supportive friends and passionate writers. 

I asked them to consider scent, either in the nature of perfume or indeed the act of smelling itself. Their responses are fascinating!

Guest Writer, Viv Lowery brings us a fragrant fairy tale

The Scent of Christmas Trees, and how perfumers have created an olfactory sense of festive nostalgia.

On Making Your Own Perfume: My experiment, is it possible to create a wearable niche perfume as an amateur enthusiast?
Part 1 Thoughts on the creative process
Part 2 'How to guide' including note experiments
Part 3 An interview with Sally Hornsey of Plush Folly (perfumery ingredient supplier)
Part 4 The Result and final recipe for the first perfume

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